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Image Gallery Pro Category Features
All multi-media files (Images, Photos, Flash Movies, etc) are organized into categories within each gallery.  Each category can have an unlimited number of sub-categories up to 1 level deep.


Each category can be set to Active or In-Active at any time.  This is useful if you suddenly decide to remove a category from the web site at one time or another.  You can retain the category but simply remove it from the web site by un-checking the Active box.

Display during Specific Months

Each category can be displayed during specific months of the year.  This is useful for categories that might be time-specific.  For example, you might only display a Valentines Day category during the month of February.  You might only display a Christmas category during the month of December.

Search Engine Friendly URL's (SEF)

Image Gallery Pro uses Search Engine Friendly URL's for the User, Gallery and Category.  This allows you to use common names that make it easier to remember and more friendly for search engines.

Define Optional Fields

Image Gallery Pro supports up to 5 optional fields that can store anything you wish.  These fields are then dynamically displayed on the category pages.  For example, you might use a field for displaying promotions or banner advertisements on specific categories.


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