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Multiple Gallery and other Gallery Features
Unlimited number of Galleries

Image Gallery Pro is licensed based on the number of users.  Each user can create an unlimited number of galleries unless the administrator has restricted the number for a given user.  Each gallery can have it's own look and feel through the use of templates.

Custom Templates

Templates are used to customize the look and feel of your gallery.  Templates are defined for the page that lists all categories, the page that displays the thumbnail images in a specific category, as well as the page that displays an individual image or file.


Search Engine Friendly URL's

Through the use of Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEFs), search engine spiders such as Google will have no problems indexing your web site.  For example, you might create a category called "Happy Holidays" in a gallery called "eCards" and your URL could be defined as


Display A "New" Symbol

Image Gallery Pro supports a "New" symbol that is displayed next to categories that contain newly added photos or files.  This makes it easy for repeat web users to find newly added files.  You define both the image to use as the "New" symbol and what period of time constitutes a new file.  For example, you might display your New symbol for any files/photos added within the last 7 days, or perhaps 2 weeks, or 1 month, etc.


Membership Option

Want to know more about your users?  Why not require they signup in order to view your photos or send eCards?  Image Gallery Pro supports a membership option whereby you can require membership for certain tasks.  For example, you might require membership in order to view full-size images and to send eCards.  However, you might allow anonymous access to the categories and viewing thumbnail images in a category.  Or, you may skip the membership option entirely and allow full, anonymous access to your entire gallery.

Disable Right Click

Want to prevent users from saving your photos?  Through Javascript you can display a custom message when users attempt to right-click on your page in order to save a photo.  This is a great way to display copyright information as well as contact information for licensing your photos.  Please understand there is no method to fully prevent people from downloading your images.  Users could still use the View Source option on their browser to find the URL for the image and download a copy using that method.


Slide Shows

The slide show option allows users to view a slide show of all images in a specific category.  You define how much time is paused in between the display of each image.

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