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eCard Software Functionality and Features
Image Gallery Pro contains eCard functionality for sending files as an eCard.  Image Gallery Pro contains 450 starter pictures that can be used as eCards.  They are organized into 44 categories.  The eCards can be imported into any gallery at any time using the import tool.  Click here for more information on importing the eCards.

Send eCard In Future Option

Image Gallery Pro supports sending an eCard immediately, or scheduling an ecard to be delivered in the future.  eCards can be scheduled up to 2 years in advance.  For example, a user might visit your web site and schedule eCards to be delivered to all their family members on each person's birthday.

Schedule an eCard for Future Delivery

Multiple Recipients

Individual eCards can be sent to up to 5 recipients.  You as the administrator determine and set the maximum number of recipients your web site will allow. This value can range from 1-5.

Send an eCard to Multiple Recipients

Send Directly in an HTML Email

Image Gallery Pro supports two options for delivering eCards.  The system can deliver the eCard directly in an HTML email message.  Alternatively, you can setup the software to deliver a message containing a link to pickup/retrieve the eCard.

Customize the Templates

Whether you send your eCards directly in an HTML email, or you send a message containing a link to pickup/retrieve the eCard, you have full control of the templates for both scenarios.  You insert the dynamic fields into these templates using the Image Gallery Pro dynamic variables.  For example, ##SendersName## inserts the sender's name into the eCard template.  A full list of variables is shown within Image Gallery Pro while editing the template.  Templates are specified by Gallery so each gallery can have a unique template.


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