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Installation Instructions for Image Gallery Pro for Access
Once purchased, Image Gallery Pro is emailed to you as a Win Zip attachment.  Follow these directions to install and configure Image Gallery Pro™.
  1. Create a directory off of your main web site.  This directory will house the Image Gallery Pro™ software so give it a familiar name such as "Gallery".  For example, if your domain name is, you might create a directory called

    This directory must be made an Application Starting Point so that Image Gallery Pro can use it's own Global.asax file.  Click here for instructions on creating an application starting point.

    Note: If you have setup a separate web site to host Image Gallery Pro, then the software can be installed directly in the root folder without creating an Application Starting Point.
  2. Unzip Image Gallery Pro™ then copy the files into this directory.  Image Gallery Pro™ includes several sub-directories.   You must maintain this directory structure and include the sub-directories.   DO NOT PLACE A COPY OF OUR ZIP FILE ANYWHERE ON YOUR WEB SITE.
  3. Set the database connection in the web.config file.  The variable is called DBConnectionString.

    <add key="DBConnectionString" value="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\gallery\database\ImageGalleryPro.mdb;Persist Security Info=False" />

    You must change the Data Source to the physical server path to your database file.
  4. Set the database permissions on the folder holding the database.   In order to use the file upload utility, you must also give the ASPNET and/or USERS Account(s) WRITE permissions on the data folder.   Click here for directions on setting write permissions.
  5. Open the application in your browser ( the choose the Administrator login link.  The username and password are currently set to Admin1/Admin1. 
  6. Login and be sure to update the SETUP area to reflect your particular server settings.  The setup defines important parameters used throughout the program and includes the License key that was emailed when you purchased the software. 
  7. Congratulations!  Setup is complete and you can now move on to creating a user account.

Install Send In Future Option (Proceed to this step only if you purchased this option).

  1. On the server, unzip the file

  2. Now run the ImageGalleryPro.MSI to install the service that will send future cards.

  3. Once the install completes, open the folder in which you installed the service.  In this folder you will see a file called "WebPageURL.txt".  Open the file.  Enter the FULL URL to the SF.ASPX page which is located in the web folder where you installed Image Gallery Pro.  For example:

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